Expert Engineering

Expertise across multiple disciplines including mechanical, structural, marine,
electrical, chemical, and biological engineering.

Professional Project Delivery

We have delievered projects to meet a variety of customer terms including project scope/milestone contracts, retainer arrangements, and joint development & tech transfer agreements.

01/ Define

Understand your challenge, identify constraints,
and desired objectives

02/ Design

Use technology, tools, modern standards and best practices to formulate solutions

03/ Deliver

High quality work product

What We DoAbout Our Services

Occupational Safety

Risk assessment, failure modes and effects analysis, hazard identification and mitigation, for the welfare of people at work

Process Improvement

Adapting existing processes for increased productivity, safety, quality, uptime, and other metrics important to manufacturers.

Industrial Design

Design for manufacture considering function and form and the connection between product, user, and environment.

Prototyping / R&D

Plug into the early stage of design cycles, often with research groups or product development teams.

Process Automation

Full suite including machine programming, diagnostics, architecture development.
Platforms PLC | PC | IoT.

Codes & Standards

ASME, ASTM, AISC, AWS, CMAA, API, ABS, DNV, ANSI, ISO, CFR/OSHA, IEC. Certification by Professional Engineer as applicable.

Our WorkProject Portfolio

  • All work
  • Safety
  • Process Improvement
  • Industrial Design
  • R&D
  • Automation
  • Codes & Standards

Production Retrofit

Pulp & Paper

A tissue customer required a retrofit of six existing production machines to accomodate a new product line

Ergonomic Lifting

Material Handling

This lightweight and strength-optimized core chuck reduces the NIOSH lifting index for repetitive lifting in paper converting

Microgrid Electronics

Renewable Energy

Developed the grid-tie electronics and control scheme for the first grid-connected tidal energy system in North America

Equipment Fixtures


Fixturing for the machining and welding of large scale steam and gas turbine components - designed for strength, deflection, vibration - with the goals of reduced changeover time and safer operations

Surface Testing

Horse Racing

Created testing and sampling standards for thoroughbred racing surfaces, including both synthetic and dirt - to determine the effect of moisture and temperature on impact response - and motivated by jockey and equine safety

Peptide Production


Control system development to increase production rate of peptides

Kelp Cultivation


Model scale testing and full-scale structural and modal analysis of a floating offshore kelp farm - motivated by commercial interest in deep ocean cultivation of kelp


Sports & Recreation

Principal Investigator for the R&D and tech transfer related to the Afari - a walking bike and recreation aide for persons with balance impairment

Expertise Meet the Principal

Ryan Beaumont, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Ryan gained a depth of manufacturing and industrial experience prior to forming RBC in 2006. Since then, Ryan has been involved in a number of projects at the critical transition phase from prototype to commercial product. Most notably Ryan led the commercialization activities for the KoreChuck™ designed to reduce the NIOSH lifting index and occurrence of lifting related injuries in paper converting; the Biomechanical Surface Tester designed to provide real-time feedback to racing surface superintendents to mitigate injury occurrence to thoroughbreds; the Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) Advanced Cross-flow Turbine, designed to efficiently produce power in extreme tidal flows while presenting a benign signature to marine mammals and fish; and the Afari™ walking bike for helping people overcome barriers to outdoor recreation and exercise. Ryan is a named co-inventor on patents, co-author on peer reviewed publications, and has been featured on media outlets.



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